The Third 10 Conversations

A look at the third 10 conversations in a Pimsleur Comprehensive I course

In a continuation of the previous section, we’ll now take a look at the third ten conversations in the Pimsleur language course, translated here for you courtesy of Catee’s Language World!


Pimsleur now starts following the Dale Carnegie method of getting people to like you.  After getting to know someone’s name, you can now ask them about their family.  You can also talk about how expensive gasoline is, a very relevant topic in today’s society.  Who would have thought the Pimsleur topics are so timeless?


These topics come from a Pimsleur Comprehensive Japanese I set.


Lesson 21:

Good day.

Good day, I'm George Jones.  I'm American, but I know a little Japanese.

Ah Mr. Jones.  Nice to meet you.  Please come in.

Thank you very much.  Is your husband in?

No, he's not in.  Please wait a little bit.


Mr. Jones, is your wife together here with you?

Yes, my wife is together with me.

Your kids too?

No, my kids are in America.

Do you have a lot of kids?

I have 3 boys.

Do you have any girls?

No, I have none.


Lesson 22:

How many kids do you have?

Two.  I have two kids.  A son and a daughter.

Is your son grown up?

Yes, my son has grown up.

Is your daughter grown up too?

No, my daughter is small.


Lesson 23:

How many people are in your family?

Four people.  There are two kids.

Do you have sons?  Do you have daughters?

There's one son, and also one daughter.

Are the kids small?

Yes, they are still small for sure.


Lesson 24:

Is gasoline expensive?

Yes, it's expensive.

One liter is how much?

I don't know, but it's expensive.

Do you have a car?

No, I don't have a car.


Catee’s commentary:  They are right, gasoline is expensive in Japan.  Americans have relatively inexpensive gasoline compared to the Japanese.


Lesson 25:

Which is the route to go to Tokyo?

Over there.

How about the Yokohama route?

Go on the Tokyo route.

Is it on the right?

No, on the left.

Thank you very much.

Your welcome.


Lesson 26:

Tonight, are you buying in Tokyo?

No, not buying.

Why is that?

It's already late.  The stores are closed.

Are the department stores open?

No, department stores also are closed.

I want to buy something for my daugther.

You can buy tomorrow.


Lesson 27:

I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow.

Tokyo, are you taking taxi?

No, I'm taking a car.

Do you have work in Tokyo?

Yes, I'm also meeting a friend.

How long are you going to stay in Tokyo?

Probably a few days.


Lesson 28:

It's already late.  Do you want to return with me?

I want to return, but...

But?  Why?

I have a little work.

Then I'll wait.  Aftwards, do you want to eat dinner together?

That's good.


Lesson 29:

Tomorrow, I'm going to Tokyo.

Tokyo?  That's good.  Are you going alone?

No, I'm going with my wife.

How long are you going to be in Tokyo?

I'm staying for one week.


Lesson 30:

When are you going to Osaka?

I'm going tomorrow.

What time?

10 o'clock.

And when are you returning?

Tomorrow night I'm returning.


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