Pimsleur Italian Phase 3, Units 1-30 Digital Download

Pimsleur Italian Phase 3, Units 1-30 Digital Download
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The Pimsleurョ Method is scientifically proven to be your fastest route to near-native fluency. Italian Phase 3 includes another 15 hours of spoken language practice and one additional hour of reading instruction, and is designed to be used after completion of Phases 1 and 2.

The beginning lessons of Phase 3 offer you the chance to expand your vocabulary and increase your fluency to an even higher level. You値l gain experience participating in many informal and some formal discussions on practical, social, and semi-professional topics. You値l skillfully form longer, more complex sentences, and most importantly, you値l find yourself being understood, even by native speakers unused to dealing with foreigners. You値l be able to join in conversations effortlessly, confident of being understood.

In the next 10 lessons of Phase 3 your skills will show ever-increasing mastery of the language. Speaking with grace and complete naturalness, you値l enjoy fluid conversations on many new subjects. Delving deeper into cultural norms and situations, you値l find yourself responding effortlessly, and able to choose from a wide accumulation of vocabulary and structures.

In the final 10 lessons of Phase 3, you池e nearing fluency with agile responses, and a natural-sounding, near-native accent. You池e able to utilize the language in subtle ways, and speak using past, present, and future tenses. Self-confidence soars as you experience the language and culture; no longer as a foreigner, but with a deepening insight into an expanding new world.

Reading Lessons are included at the end of Unit 30. These lessons, which total about one hour, are designed to give you practice reading Italian and to provide vocabulary. Before you know it, you値l be reading Italian with the ease and flexibility of a native speaker. A Reading Booklet to be used with the audio lessons is also included in PDF format.

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"Just purchased and downloaded Pimsleur's Spanish II, III, and IV...not to mention French II and III. Needless to say the pocketbook is running low! The first units of French and Spanish so impressed me that I had to go on with the series. Your easy download service is simply wonderful, especially for those buyers who just have it right now! I strongly recommend your service to others interested in linguistics." -J. Casey
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