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Anyone can learn a foreign language.


The Pimsleur Language Program is the most effective language program ever developed.  As you probably know, learning a new language can be frustrating.  Your first experience with a foreign language may have been in school.  If the classes seemed difficult, or if your grades were poor, you probably believed you had no aptitude for languages.  Even if you did well, you may have been surprised later to discover that what you learned was of little or no use when you tried to converse with native speakers.


            Perhaps you waited until later in life and tried adult education classes, language schools, or home training programs.  There too you may have found the information hard to retain, the lessons tedious, and your progress slow.  Many language students give up early in the program, convinced the lacked the natural ability to understand and use what they to read and hear. 


The truth is that anyone can learn a foreign language -- with the right teaching system. With the Pimsleur method, you will benefit from the years of research and development that have helped create the world’s most effective method for teaching foreign languages. The Pimsleur Language Programs, developed by Dr. Paul Pimsleur, fill an urgent need for self-instructional materials in many languages. 


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"Just purchased and downloaded Pimsleur's Spanish II, III, and IV...not to mention French II and III. Needless to say the pocketbook is running low! The first units of French and Spanish so impressed me that I had to go on with the series. Your easy download service is simply wonderful, especially for those buyers who just have it right now! I strongly recommend your service to others interested in linguistics." -J. Casey
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